S e l e c t e d   D i s c o g r a p h y 1

E v e n    D o z e n    J u g    B a n d    Y e a r s

"Even Dozen Jug Band"

K w e s k i n    J u g    B a n d    Y e a r s

"Jug Band Music"

"New Port Folk Festival"

"See Reverse Side For Title"


"Garden Of Joy"

"Greatest Hits !"

G e o f f    a n d    M a r i a    Y e a r s

"Record Show"

"Pottery Pie"

"Sweet Potatoes"

S o l o    Y e a r s

"Maria Muldaur"

"Waitress In A Donut Shop"

"Sweet Harmony"

"Southern Winds"

"Open Your Eyes"

"Gospel Nights"

"There Is A Love"

"Sweet And Slow"

"Live In London"


"On The Sunny Side"

"Louisiana Love Call"


"Meet Me At Midnight"

"Fanning The Flames"

"Southland Of The Heart"

"Swingin' In The Rain"

"Meet Me Where They Play The Blues"

"Music For Lovers"

"Richland Woman Blues"

"A Woman Alone With The Blues"

"Classic Live!"

"I'm A Woman"

"Love Wants To Dance"

"Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul"

"Heart of Mine"

"Naughty, Bawdy & Blue"

"Live In Concert"

"Yes We Can!"

"Maria Muldaur & Her Garden of Joy"

"Maria Muldaur's Barnyard Dance"

"Christmas At The Oasis"

"Blues Jam Live Audio: Maria Muldaur"

"Steady Love"

"Don't You Feel My Leg"

"Let's Get Happy Together"

R a r e    C o m p i l a t i o n

"Way Past Midnight"

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