Dobie Gray -Look-

Artist : Dobie Gray

Title : Look

Label : Stripe Records

Record No. : LPM-2001

Release : 1963

A1.Delia 2:15 (Stripe 829A) 1960 by Jerry Winn- E.L. Alperson, Jr.
A2.Rags To Riches 2:02(Stripe 828B) 1960by Jerry Ross - Richard Adler
A3.Hearts Are Wild (Stripe 827B) 1960by Calvin Finch
A4.You Can't Fool Meby Jerry Winn- Danny Could
A5.A Boy And A Girl (Stripe 832A) 1961by Jack Marshall
A6.Young Boy 2:15 (Stripe 831A) 1961by Jerr Winn - E.L. Alperson, Jr.
B1.Maker Of Dreamsby ?
B2.Kissin' Doll (Stripe 832B) 1961by Johnny Cole
B3.I Can't Hardly Wait 2:01
(Stripe 828A) 1960
by Wayne Shanklin
B4.To Be Wanted 2:15 (Stripe 827A) 1960by A. Stewart
B5.Love Has A Way 2:15
(Stripe 829B) 1960/(Stripe 831B) 1961
by Wyatt - Jordan
B6.Tears Falling From My Tears
(Real Fine 835) ?
by ?

Dobie GrayVocals

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