Dobie Gray (Tiger Lily)

Dobie Gray -Dobie Gray-

Artist : Dobie Gray

Title : Dobie Gray

Label : Tiger Lily Records

Record No. : TL-14022

Release : 1976

A1.Do You Really Have A Heart 3:26
(from Pollution 3:26)
by Paul Williams & Roger Nichols
A2.Lo And Behold 3:46 (from Pollution 3:46)by James Taylor
A3.Stop Pickiting 3:28by Christiaan Mostert, John Sargent
A4.Allan P. Adder Part I 6:43
(long version of Pollution II 4:30)
by Christiaan Mostert, John Sargent
B1.Allan P. Adder Part IIby Christiaan Mostert, John Sargent
B2.This Feeling Won't Last Long 3:46
(from Pollution 3:46)
by James Quill Smith
B3.The End 3:14(from Pollution II 3:14 )by James Quill Smith, Christiaan Mostert, John Lambert, Richard Lewis, Dennis Kenmore
B4.Just The Way 3:14 (from Pollution II 3:14)by Bodie Chandler

Dobie GrayVocals

Tiger Lily Records is considered a tax-scam label, as it would issue records without artist's knowledge often destroying them or printing extremely small amounts for the tax write-off.
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