D o b i e G r a y F a n S i t e
s i n c e   1 9 t h   M a r   2 0 1 5

Look (63)
Sings For "In" Crowders That Go "Go-Go" (65)
Pollution (71)
Pollution II (72)
Drift Away (73)
Loving Arms (73)
Hey Dixie (74)
New Ray Of Sunshine (75)
Dobie Gray (Tiger Lily) (76)
Let Go (77)
Midnight Diamond (78)
Dobie Gray (Infinity) (79)
Welcome Home (81)
From Where I Stand (85)
Love's Talkin' (87)
compi. A Decade Of Dobie (1969-1979) (04)
T h i s   S i t e   i s   m a i n t a i n e d   b y   H i d e k i   W a t a n a b e

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