I   N e e d   A   H o l i d a y

Artist : Dan Penn

Title : I Need A Holiday

Sub-Title : Demo Series 3

Label : Dandy Records

Record No. / Release : DND003 / 2013

Credit 1 : Produced by Dan Penn

Credit 2 : Recorded the 70s ~ 00s

2013.9ORIGINAL CDDandy RecordsDND003

1.I Need A Holiday 3:30by Dan Penn & Chuck Prophet
2.To Make A Love Story Short 3:29by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Jonnie Barnett
3.Blue In The Heart 4:17by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Jonnie Barnett
4.After Ours 2:45by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Jonnie Barnett
5.Battlin' The Blues 3:31by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Bucky Lindsey
6.Overtaken By Love 3:06by Dan Penn & Frank Cannon
7.Building Fires 3:54 (recorded in 1973)by Dan Penn, Jim Dickinson & Johnny Christopher
8.Building Fires R&B Version 2:34 (recorded in 1973)by Dan Penn, Jim Dickinson & Johnny Christopher
9.Dream On It Awhile 5:22by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Billy Henderson
10.Peace In Poretta 4:53 (recorded live)by Dan Penn
11.Make Somebody Happy This Christmas 3:40 (recorded in 1979)by Dan Penn, Bobby Emmons & Johnny Christopher
12.Don't Give Up On Me 2:59by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Bucky Lindsey
13.Till The Last Star Falls 3:38by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Jonnie Barnett
14.Set The Table 4:29by Dan Penn & Frank Cannon
15.After The Rain 3:45by Dan Penn & Bobby Emmons
16.You Can't Take God Out Of Me 3:46by Dan Penn & Carson Whitsett

Dan PennVocals, Acoustic Guitar on tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15
Carson Whitsett (Died May 8, 2007)Keyboards on track 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 13, 16
Bucky LindseyBass on track 5, 12
Bobby EmmonsKeyboards on track 10, 11, 15
Frank CannonKeyboard on track 6, 14 Drum programing on track 6
Jim BrockDrums on track 14
Chuck Prophet (Green On Red)Guitar on track 1
Charlie Freeman(died January 31, 1973)Guitar on track 7, 8
Bobby WoodPiano on track 7, 8
James Brown (Hooker) (Amazing Rhythm Aces)Keyboard on track 7, 8
Tommy CogbillBass on track 7, 8
Ed KollisEngineer on track 7, 8, Harmonica on track 8
Lea Jane Berinarti-BurieVocals on track 7, 8
Nashville ChoirChoir Vocals on track 7, 8
Jerry CarriganDrums on track 7, 8, 11
Johnny ChristopherGuitar on track 7, 8, 11
Buzz CasonBass on track 11
Lady SmithBackground Vocals on track 11
Unknown MusicianSax on track 10

Dandy Studio, Nashville, TN.on tracks 1, 3, 5, 10, 15
Carson Whitstt's Place, Nashville, TN.on tracks 2, 4, 9, 13, 16
Two Doves Studio, Vernon, AL.on track 6
Sam Phillips Studio, Memphis, TN.on tracks 7, 8
Johnny Christopher's House, Nashville, TN.on track 11
Lloys Lidsey's Cabin, St.Francisyville, LA.on track 12
Frank Cannon's Studio, Beaverton, AL.on track 14

"I Need A Holiday" was a song for Nick Low. Partner of songwriting was Chuck Prophet (Green On Red)

"To Make A Love Story Short" was a song for Holmes Brothers' album titled "Soul Street (1993)"

"Blue In The Heart" was a song for Irma Thomas' album titled "My Heart's In Memphis (2000)"

"Battlin' The Blues" was a song for Theryl "Houseman" de Clouet's album titled "The Houseman Cometh! (2001)" .
Bucky Lindsey, one of songwiters with Dan, self-covered in his album titled "Back Bay Blues" in same year.

"Building Fires" was from unissued song from Dan Penn's Bell 2nd unreleased album titled
"Emmet The Singing Ranger Live In The Woods" produced by Jim Dickinson.

"Peace In Poretta" was a song for "Porretta Soul Festival" in 1994. This was live recordings, location was unknown, Sax player was unkown.

"Make Somebody Happy This Christmas", originaly wrote and recorded this song in 1979 and pressed it up himself to send out as a Christmas Card to his friends.
Dan re-recorded this song for "Holiday Heroes" album in 1995.
I think this version in "I Need A Holiday" is short-edited and re-mixed version from 1979 originaly recording version.

"Don't Give Up On Me" was written in 1998. Solomon Burke covered this song in his album titled "Don't Give Up on Me" in 2002.

Charlie Freeman (guitarist) : 1973.1.31
Jonnie Barnett (co-writer) : 2002.8.18
Carson Whitsett (co-writer, keyboardist) : 2007.5.8

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