W a i t' l l Y o u H e a r T h i s!

Noel Paul Stookey -Wait'll You Hear This!-

Artist : Noel Paul Stookey & The Bodyworks Band

Title : Wait'll You Hear This!

Label : NewPax Records

Record No. : NP33120

Release : 1982 June 9th

Credit 1 : Produced by Noel Stookey & Warren Peterson

Credit 2 : Recorded Live at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, FL.

A1.(Peace) In The Valley by Noel Stookey
A2.Country Songby Noel Stookey
A3.Garden Songby David Mallett
A4.By Surpriseby Noel Stookey, Elaine Sutherland & Peter Yarrow
A5.Noeltalkby Noel Stookey
A6.Wait'll You Hear This! by Noel Stookey
A7.April Fool by Noel Stookey & Stu Davis
B1.Turn It Overby Noel Stookey & Eddie Mottau
B2.Not As We Are (Lead Vocal : Karla Thibodeau) by Karla Thibodeau
B3.Building Blockby Noel Stookey
B4.Know Jesusby Noel Stookey
B5.Rejoice (Bless The Lord) by Noel Stookey & Kvellstar
B6.Rainbow Manby Noel Stookey & Karla Thibodeau
B7.Be Ye Glad by Michael Blanchard

Noel Paul StookeyVocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kent PalmerBass, Back-up Vocals
Denny BouchardKeyboard
Jimmy NallsElectric Guitar
Karla ThibodeauVocals, Synthesizer
"The Inch Worms"Additional Back-up Vocals

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