C i r c u i t R i d e r

Noel Paul Stookey & Bodyworks -Circuit Rider-

Artist : Noel Paul Stookey & Bodyworks

Title : Circuit Rider

Label : Neworld Multimedia Records

Record No. : NAR020401

Release : 2002

Credit : Compilations from Noel's 6th & 8th Albums

1.(Peace) In The ValleyFrom 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"
2.Wait'll You Hear This!From 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"
3.Obedient Servant(Add. Vocal : Karla Thibodeau)From 8th "State Of The Heart"
4.Rejoice (Bless The Lord)From 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"
5.Heart's Desire (Lead Vocal : Karla Thibodeau)From 8th "State Of The Heart"
6.All You Gotta Do (Lead Vocal : Jimmy Nalls)From 8th "State Of The Heart"
7.Thy True Love (Bonus Truck 1)(a never-released version of Noel)
8.Not As We Are (Lead Vocal : Karla Thibodeau)From 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"
9.Rainbow ManFrom 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"
10.Coast To CoastFrom 8th "State Of The Heart"
11.Circuit RiderFrom 8th "State Of The Heart"
12.April FoolFrom 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"
13.Made In The Image (Lead Vocal : Karla Thibodeau)From 8th "State Of The Heart"
14.Happy Tonight (Bonus Truck 2)From "Peekaboo"
15.Be Ye GladFrom 6th "Wait'll You Hear This!"

Noel Paul StookeyVocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kent PalmerBass, Back-up Vocals
Denny BouchardAcoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Roland JP-8, MC-4, Oberheim DX Dum Machine
Jimmy NallsAcoustic/Electric/Slide Guitar, Vocals
Karla ThibodeauVocals, Acoustic Piano, YAMAHA DX-7 Piano

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