S p l e n d i d A l b u m s

1.Bobby Charles "Bobby Charles"2.Karen Dalton "In My Own Time"
3.Peter Yarrow "Peter"4.Bonnie Raitt "Give It Up"
5.Hungry Chuck "Hungry Chuck"6.Muddy Walters "Woodstock Album"
7.Geoff & Maria Muldaur "Sweet Potatoes"8.Paul Butterfield "Paul Butterfield's Better Days"
9.Paul Butterfield "It All Comes Back"10.Woodstock Mountains "More Music...."
11.Tom Pacheco "Woodstock Winter"12.Jules Shear "Healing Bones"
13.Orleans "Live at Bearsville Theater"14.John Sebastian "Tar Beach"
15.Jackie Lomax "Three"16.Orleans "Let There Be Music"
17.Happy & Artie Traum "Double-Back"18.Eric Von Schmidt "2nd Right 3rd Row"
19.Joel Zoss "Joel Zoss"20.Happy & Artie Traum "The Test Of Time"
21.John Simon "Journey"22.John Hartford "Morning Bugle"
23.Tom Akstens "Original & Traditional Music"24.Paul Butterfield "Put It In Your Ear"
25.Peter Yarrow "That's Enough For Me"26.Chris Smither "Don't It Drag On"
27.Pacheco & Alexander "Pacheco & Alexander"28.Happy Traum "Bright Morning Stars"
29.Borderline "Sweet Dreams and Quiet Desires"30.Rosalie Sorrels "What Ever Happened To....."
31.John & Beverley Martyn "Stormbringer"32.Happy Traum "American Stranger"
33.The John Herald Band "The Real Thing"34.Artie Traum "Life On Earth"
35.Mount Airy "Mt. Airy"36.Happy & Artie Traum "Hard Times In The..."
37.John Hall "Love Doesn't Ask"38.Todd Rundgren "Runt"
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