L i f e   O n   E a r t h

Artie Traum -Life On Earth-

Artist : Artie Traum

Title : Life On Earth

Label : Rounder Records

Record No. : 3014

Release : 1977

Credit 1 : Produced by George James for Platypus

Credit 2 : Recorded at Bearsville Studio & others

1.Is There Life On Earthby Artie Traum & George James
2.Bread and Wineby Artie Traum
3.Shooting Starby Artie Traum
4.Riptideby Artie Traum
5.Sailors Lullabyby Artie Traum
6.Strangerby Artie Traum
7.Girls Of Montrealby Artie Traum
8.First Affairby Artie Traum
9.My Lover Is A Runnerby Artie Traum
10.Night Songby Artie Traum

Artie TraumVocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Pat AlgerAcoustic Guitar, Back Vocals
Beau SegalDrums, Percussion, Congas
D. "Fly" SchwartzElectric & Acoustic Bass
Paul HarrisPiano, Electric Piano
George JamesProducer, Flute, Trumpet, Arp, Vocals
Colin TiltonSax
Laraine GradyBack Vocal
Janis SoliaBack Vocal
Richard CrooksDrum on tracks 4, 6
Murray WeinstockPiano, Electric Piano on tracks 4, 6
Richard BellArp Synthesizer on tracks 4, 6
Tony BrownBass on tracks 4, 6
Arlen RothElectric & Slide Guitar on tracks 4, 6
Howard JohnsonBariton Sax on tracks 4, 6
Andy RobinsonBack Vocal on tracks 4, 6
Diana Mae WeinstockBack Vocal on tracks 4, 6

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