Moogy II

Mark Moogie Klingman -Moogie II-

Artist : Mark Moogy Klingman

Title : Moogy II

Label : EMI Records, Holland

Record No./Release : 5C 062-60593 / 1978

Credit : Produced by Mark Moogie Klingman for Moogtown Productions

1978ORIGINAL U.S. LPEMI Records, Holland5C 062-60593
2000PRIVATE CD-RMark Klingman?nil
2008.7.21JAPANESE RE-MASTERED CD with mini LP jacketAirmail RecordsAIRAC-1479

A1.A Clown And A Strangerby Mark Klingman
A2.Kid's Got Heartby Mark Klingman
A3.Never Give Your Loveby Mark Klingman
A4.Sister Bessieby Mark Klingman
A5.Do The Slopby Mark Klingman
B1.Friends by Mark Klingman & Buzzy Linhart
B2.Out Of The Townby Mark Klingman & Ralph Schuckett
B3.Let Me Just Follow Behindby Mark Klingman
B4.Come Alongby Mark Klingman & Googie Coppola
B5a.Mother We Love Youby Mark Klingman
B5b.Blue Motherby Mark Klingman
B5c.Come Here Sonby Mark Klingman
B5d.The Passing Yearsby Mark Klingman

Mark Moogy Klingman (Glitterhouse)Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Ralph Schuckett (Clear Light, Jo Mama)Keyboards, Back-up Vocals
John Seigler (Air)Bass, Cello, Back-up Vocals
John Siomos (Frampton's Camel)Drums

Todd RundgrenLead Guitar, Keyboards, Back-up Vocals
Rick DerringerGuitar, Banjo
Googie Coppola (Vo. of Air)Lead Vocals
Mark Rosengarden (Drums of Air)Drums
David SpinozzaAcoustic Guitar, 12 Strings Guitar
David Earle JohnsonCongas
Murray Weinstock (Fifth Avenew Band)Keyboards, Back-up Vocals
Jan HammerMoog Synthesizer
Kevin Ellman (Utopia)Drums
Randy Brecker (BS&T)Trumpet
Pete PonzelSax
Ruth SieglerBack-up Vocals
Diana May WienstockBack-up Vocals
Pat RosaliaBack-up Vocals
FannyBack-up Vocals
The Noel Pointer Strings QuartettStrings


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