Taking Care Of Business

James Cotton Blues Band -Taking Care Of Business -

Artist : James Cotton Blues Band

Title : Taking Care Of Business

Label : Capitol Records

Record No./Release : SM-814 / 1971

Credit 1 : Produced & arranged by Todd Rundgren & Mark Moogy Klingman

Credit 2 : Recorded at I.D. Sound Studio, Los Angeles, CA. by JAMES LOWE

1971ORIGINAL U.S. LPCapitol RecordsSM-814

A1.The Sky Is Falling by Danny Kortchmar
A2.Long Distance Operator by Bob Dylan
A3.I'm A Free Man by Mark Moogy Klingman
A4.Can't Live Without Love by R. Valente & R. Vito
A5.Kiddy Boyby Todd Rundgren
B1.She Moves Me by McKinley Morganfield a.k.a. Muddy Waters
B2.Tonight I Wanna Love Me A Stranger by Mark Moogy Klingman & Todd Rundgren
B3.Nose Open by Matt Murphy
B4.Goodbye My Lady by N.D. Smart II, Mark Moogy Klingman & Todd Rundgren
B5.Georgia Swing by Mike Bloomfield

James CottonVocals, Mouth Harp
Mark "Moogy" Klingman (Glitterhouse)Keyboards, Back-up Vocals
Todd RundgrenGuitar, Drums, Back-up Vocals
Mike BloomfieldGuitar
Johnny WinterGuitar
Matt MurphyGuitar
Don Triano (James Gang, Mandella)Guitar
Ralph Schuckett (Clear Light, Jo Mama)Piano, Accordion
Joel Bishop O'Brien
(Flying Machine, Jo Mama)
Richie Heywood (Little Feat)Drums
N.D. Smart (Hungry Chuck)Drums, Back-up Vocals
Stu Woods (Brethren)Bass, Back-up Vocals
Tom Cosgrove (Brethren)Back-up Vocals
Gene Dinwiddie
(Butterfield Blues Band Full Moon)
Trever Lawrence (Butterfield Blues Band)Horns
Dave Sanborn (Butterfield Blues Band)Horns
Steve Madaio (Butterfield Blues Band)Horns
Emily "Cissy" Houston (Sweet Inspirations)Back-up Vocals
Vanevit SimmsBack-up Vocals
Renelle StaffordBack-up Vocals
Deidre TuckBack-up Vocals

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