The Hello People -Fusion-

Artist : The Hello People

Title : Fusion

Label : Phillips Records

Record No. /Release : PHS-600-276 / 1968

Credit 1 : Produced by Lew Futterman

Credit 2 : Recorded by Bill Szymczyk at The Hit Factory

1968ORIGINAL U.S. LP (stereo)Phillips RecordsPHS-600-276

1.White Winged Doveby Peter Westen (Meager Music)
2.Anthemby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
3.Jelly Jamby Geddes, Sedita, Tasse & Sagarese (Meager Music)
4.If I Should Sing Too Softlyby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
5.How Does It Feel To Be Freeby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
6.Pray For Rainby Peter Westen (Meager Music)
7.A Dream Of Tomorrowby Peter Westen (Meager Music)
8.Everything's Betterby Greg Geddes, Larry Tasse & W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
9.Come And See Meby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
10.I Ride To Nowhereby Peter Westen (Meager Music)

W.S. "Sonny" Tongue
(stage name "Country")
Laed Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocal
Greg Geddes (stage name "Smoothie")Bass, Lead Vocal, Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Organ, Back Vocal
Bobby Sedita (stage name "Goodfellow")Guitar, Bass, Back Vocal
Larry Tasse (stage name "Much More")Keyboards, Back Vocal
Michael Sagarese (stage name "Wry One"))Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Flute, Tambourine, Back Vocal
George Abruzzese
(stage name "Thump Thump")
Percussion, Harmonica

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