The Hello People

The Hello People -The Hello People-

Artist : The Hello People

Title : The Hello People

Label : Phillips Records

Record No. : PHS-600-265

Release : 1967

Credit : Produced by Lew Futterman

1967ORIGINAL U.S. LP (monoral)Phillips RecordsPHM-200-265
1967ORIGINAL U.S. LP (stereo)Phillips RecordsPHS-600-265

1.It's a Monday Kind of Tuesdayby Nancy Reiner (Meager Music)
2.Sunrise Meadowby Geddes, Sedita, Tassi, Sagarese, Blake & Tongue (Meager Music)
3.A Stranger at Her Doorby Larry Tassi & W. S. "Sonny" Tongue (Meager Music)
4.Movin' and Growin'by W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
5.Paisley Teddy Bearby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
6.(As, I Went Down to) Jerusalemby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
7.Lamplight, Nightlightby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)
8.Mr. Truth Evading, Masquerading Manby Geddes, Sedita, Tassi, Sagarese & Blake (Meager Music)
9.Paris in the Rainby W.S. Tongue (Meager Music)

W. S. "Sonny" Tongue
(stage name "Country")
Vocals, Guitar
Greg Geddes (stage name "Smoothie")Bass, Vocal
Bobby Sedita (stage name "Goodfellow")Guitar, Vocal
Larry Tassi (stage name "Much More")Keyboards, Vocal
Michael Sagarese (stage name "Wry One"))Flute
Ronnie Blake (stage name "Thump Thump")Drums

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