The Unreleased Sides

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Artist : Ike Clanton/Buzz Clifford

Title : Ike Clanton Meets Buzz Clifford "The Unreleased Sides"

Label : Crystal Ball Records

Record No. : SKUNK #501

Release : 2006

Credit 1 : Track 1~18: Ike Clanton Track 19~30 : Buzz Clifford

ALBUM TRACKS of Buzz Clifford
(Roulette R-4500) 1963
by Doublas, Parman
20.My Girl
(Roulette R-4500) 1963
by Clifford, Ballard, Martancin
21.(Baby I Could Be) So Good at Loving Youby Buzz Clifford
22.You're Not Welcome - as The Hollywood Producers (Parkway P-993) 1966 by Davis, Clifford, Munger, Snyder
23.Just A Little Line
(previously unreleased)
by ?
24.Star Of The Show
(previously unreleased 1961)
by Buzz Clifford, Al Kasha
25.Magic Circle (alternate unreleased version of Columbia 4-42290)by Gene Pitney
26.Movin' Day (alternate unreleased version of Columbia 4-42177)by H. Hunter, B. Ross
27.Hey Mr. Clown
(previously unreleased 1962)
by Buzz Clifford, Arthur Resnick
(previously unreleased 1961)
by Buzz Clifford
29.My Misery
(previously unreleased 1962)
by ?
30.Please Keep Me In Mind
(previously unreleased 1961 Columbia)
by ?

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