Buzz Clifford with Anna Montgomery

B u z z C l i f f o r d
F a n S i t e
s i n c e   2 6 t h   J a n   2 0 1 5

Baby Sittin' With Buzz Clifford (1961)
Hamilton Streetcar (1969)
See Your Way Clear (1969)
Live @ The Blue Dolphin '77 (2006)
Norse Horse (1999)
Lyin' In The Face Of Love (2004)
Golden Pipes, 50 Years Of Buzz Clifford (2007)
Bright Lights Shine (2011)

Buzz's Songs / Works #1 #2

T h i s   S i t e   i s   m a i n t a i n e d   b y   H i d e k i   W a t a n a b e

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