A D e e p D i p I n t o A l a b a m a S o u l. 1

Various Artist -A Deep Dip Into Alabama Soul Vol.1-

Artist : Various Artist

Title : A Deep Dip Into Alabama Soul Vol.1

Label : Soul From The Vaults

Record No. : SFTV #11

1.Go On Home Girl Bobby Hendricks
(Williams W001) 1968
by John Scoggins
2.Too Little In Common To Be Lovers Dee Dee Young
(Mil-Smi NR-7611) 1972
by Homar Banks & Carl Hampton
3.I Canft Live Without You Jay Robinson & The Dynamics
(Mala 551) 1967
by Jay Robinson
4.Memories Ed Boze
(Avco AV-4622) 1973
by Brad Shapiro & Ed Boze
5.The Only Time You Say You Love Me Cissy Houston
(Janus J-230) 1973
by Philip Mitchell
6.This Thing Called Love Jesse Henderson
(Unissued Fame Recordings) around 1970
by ?
7.Here Comes The Night Little Joe & His Soul Brothers
(Hot Cakes HC-202)
by Milton Smith
8.If You Really Love Him Lloyd Price
(Scepter SCE-12310) 1971
by George Soule & Terry Woodford
9.*Ifm Cominf Today The Lovelles
(Atco 45-6670)
by Dave Crawford & Roy Lee Johnson
10.Satisfy My Hunger Benny Conn
(Wand WND-11211) 1969
by Don Marchand & Donald Thomas
11.Reap What You Sow Otis Rush LP
"Mourning In The Morning"(Cotillion SD-9006) 1969
by Mike Bloomfield, Nick Gravenites & Paul Butterfield
12.Pressure Cooker The Inclines
(Atco 45-6674)
by Burke, Coleman, Trollinger, Coleman, Young, McCollum & Espy
13.Since I Donft Have You Tamiko Jones
(Metromedia MMS 205) 1971
by J Rock, The Skyliners
14.In My Arms To Stay Toussaint McCall LP
"Nothing Takes The Place Of You" (P-Vine PLP-722) 1981
by ?
15.Youfre Killing Me Slowly But Surely Reuben Howell LP
"Reuben Howell" (Motown M771L) 1973
by Carl Lumbus & Frank L. Johnson
16.Give Me Back The Man I Love Barbara West
(Ronn RONN-32)
by Toussaint McCall
17.End Of The World +Coldwater Stone LP
"Defrost Me" (GSF GSF-S-1010) 1973
by Freddy Briggs
18.You Get A Lot To Like Bobby Hatfield LP
"Messin' In Muscle Shoals"(MGM SE4727)
by Mickey Buckins & George Jackson
19.How Long Can I Go On Fooling Myself Jean Elias
(Back Beat 623) 1971
by Harrison Calloway
20.Got To Get Away From You Israel "Popper Stopper" Tolbert
(Warren WA-108) 1971
by C.A. Warren

+Coldwater Stone real name : Fred Briggs

*Guitar by Duan Allman


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