Defrost Me

Coldwater Stone -Defrost Me -

Artist : Coldwater Stone (aka Freddy Briggs)

Title : Defrost Me

Label : GSF Records

Record No./Release : GSF-S-1010 /1973

Credit : produced by Freddy Briggs arranged by Freddy Briggs & John Brinson

1973ORIGINAL LPGSF RecordsGSF-S-1010
2011.07.25RE-ISSUED CDOutta Sigh RecordsOSCD-026

A1.Jefferson Parkby Freddy Briggs
A2.Your Lover, Me, Your Friend by Freddy Briggs
A3.When He Breaks Your Heart by Freddy Briggs
A4.You're The Oneby Freddy Briggs
A5.Outside Love Affair by Dorothy Kim Briggs
B1.End Of The World by Freddy Briggs
B2.The Shape You're About To Leave Me In by Freddy Briggs
B3.Biggest Mistake In The World by Freddy Briggs
B4.Without The One You Love by Freddy Briggs
B5.Diddy Wah Diddy by Freddy Briggs

Coldwater Stone (aka Freddy Briggs)Vocals, Producer, Arranger
John BrinsonArranger

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