Richard Schroth & Peter Yarrow

Richard Schroth & Peter Yarrow -Richard Schroth & Peter Yarrow-

Artist : Richard Schroth & Peter Yarrow

Title : Richard Schroth & Peter Yarrow

Label : PY Productions

Record No. : none

Release : 1999

Credit : Produced by Peter Yarrow

1999ORIGINAL CDPY Productionsnone
2005RE-ISSUED CDUnited Way of Marathon Countynone

1.River of Jordan 3:10by Peter Yarrow
2.If I Had Wings 3:27by Peter Yarrow
3.Puff The Magic Dragon 3:46by Peter Yarrow & Leonard Lipton
4.75 Septembers 3:37by Cheryl Wheeler
5.Don't Laugh at Me 3:20by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin
6.Music Speaks Louder Than Words 3:13by Harold Payne, Edgar Peace III & Michael Scarpiello
7.Weave Me The Sunshine 2:23by Peter Yarrow
8.Day Id Done 3:10by Peter Yarrow
9.With Your Face To The Wind (Harriet's Song) 3:35by Peter Yarrow
10.If I Had a Hammer 2:40by Segar & Hayes
11.Light One Candle 2:49by Peter Yarrow
12.Blowin' In The Wind 3:38by Bob Dylan

Peter YarrowVocal, Acoustic Guitar
Richard SchrothBackup Vocals on track 8 only
Dick KnissAcoustic Bass
Paul PrestopinoBanjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica

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