R a m b l i n' H e a r t

Wayne Perkins -Ramblin' Heart-

Artist : Wayne Perkins

Title : Ramblin' Heart

Label : Bandwidth Records

Record No. : BND-9002

Release : 2005

Credit 1 : Produced by Wayne Perkins

Credit 2 : Executive Producer : Mark Maynard

1.Just Dropped Inby Mickey Newbury
2.Ramblin' Heartby Wayne Perkins & Marce' (Moe) Loughran
3.Big Stratocasterby Wayne Perkins
4.Many Ribers To Cross (new tracks)by Jimmy Cliff
5.Mendo Hotelby Wayne Perkins
6.Money No Goodby Wayne Perkins
7.Little Girl Eyesby Wayne Perkins
8.Fool To Fool With Youby Wayne Perkins & Ray Kennedy
9.Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (new tracks)by Wayne Perkins, Collins & Collins
10.Goin' To Brownsville (new tracks)by Furry Lewis

Wayne PerkinsAcoustic, Electric & Slide Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Jack JacobsenKeyboards on track 1, 6
Mona GnaderBass on track 1
David LauserDrums on track 1, 2, 3, 6
David HoodBass on track 5, 8
Roger HawkinsDrums on track 3, 5, 8
Charles HarnachKeyboards on track 3
Phil YeagerBass on track 3
Huey LewisHarmonica on track 2
Bobby Santa CruzBass on track 2, 6
Jim DickinsonOrgan on track 5
Rebecca RussellBack-vocal on track 5, 8
Fred BogartKeyboards on track 6 Drum Programming on 6
Stephanie JonesBack-vocal on track 6
Denzel (Dumpy) RiceKeyboards on track 8

Wayne PerkinsAll Guitars, Bass on track 9, Vocals, "My Left Foot" Percussion on track 10
Hoppie VaughnBass on track 4
Brian OwensDrums on track 4
Macey TaylorKeyboards on track 4
Miranda LouiseBack-vocal on track 4
Hoppie VaughnBack-vocal on track 4
Stephanie JonesBack-vocal on track 9
Fred BogartDrums & B3 on track 9

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