S o m e t h i n g N e w & F r e s h

Noel Paul Stookey -Something New And Fresh-

Artist : Noel Paul Stookey

Title : Something New And Fresh

Label : Neworld Media Records

Record No. : NWS-090376

Release : 1978 May 15th

Credit 1 : Produced by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein

Credit 2 : Recorded at Record Plant, NY. etc.

1973UNRELEASED WARNER 3RD LPWarner Bros.BS-2743 (unreleased)
1978US ORIGINAL LPNeworld MediaNWS-090376
1976?AUSSIE LPM7 Records, AustraliaMLF-133
2001US RE-ISSUED CDNeworld Multi-Media ArchiveNAR-090376

1.The Winner 3:22by Noel Stookey ©1973
2.There Was A Boy 3:21by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1973
3.Numero 2 2:14by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1973
4.Listen To The Love 3:14by Noel Stookey ©1977
5.Underrwater (instrumental) 2:52by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1977
6.Remember/Pokey 3:55by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1976

7.You're The Only One 4:32by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1976
8.Country Song 3:20by Noel Stookey ©1973
9.Aridd Le 0:34by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1977
10.Take Me Out To The Ballgame 0:45by Von Tilzer & Norworth ©1935
11.Don't Use My Name 1:43by Noel Stookey ©1973
12.Please Porridge Peace 2:23by Noel Stookey ©1973
13.4-D 0:53by Noel Stookey & Bob Milstein ©1977
14.Music to Live by / Moremo Ontu Ne 2:55by Noel Stookey ©1973
15.Et Misericordia 3:26Bach Addapt. & Arr. by Noel Stookey & Andrews ©1977

Noel Paul StookeyVocals, Acoustic Guitar
Peter YarrowVocals on track 15
Eddie MottauAcoustic Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Jim MasonBass, Back-up Vocals
Jimmy NallsElectric Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Michael LewisElectric Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Michael EpsteinDrums, Percussion, Back-up Vocals
Barry FlastPiano, Organ, Vibes
Paul PrestopinoDobro
Russ SavakusBass
Thee Paul Winter ConsortWoodwinds & etc.
Richard KnissString Bass
Scott Wilke?
Joe Freedman?
Todd Denison?
Gene BertonciniGuitar
Marc BernerFlute on "Moremo Ontu Ne"
Denny BouchardKeyboards
Joe EnglandDrums
David Lasley & ValentineAssisting Vocals
The LowenthalsAssisting Vocals
Elizabeth StookeyAssisting Vocals

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