The First Recordings 1970-1972

Moogy Klingman -The First Recordings 1970-1972-

Artist : Moogy Klingman

Title : The First Recordings 1970-1972

Label : Private Label

Record No./Release : nil / 2000

Credit : Track 13~19: Bonus Tracks

1972ORIGINAL U.S. LPCapitol RecordsST-11072
2000PRIVATE CD-RMark Klingman?nil
2008.7.21JAPANESE RE-MASTERED CD with mini LP jacketAirmail RecordsAIRAC-1478

1.Making The Rounds At Midnight by Mark Klingman
2.On Your Own by Mark Klingman
3.Tonight I Want To Love Me A Strangerby Mark Klingman & Todd Rundgren
4.The Sun And The Moon by Mark Klingman
5.Me And Richardby Mark Klingman
6.The Man At Ease by Mark Klingman
7.I Can Love by Mark Klingman
8.Liz, When You Waltz by Mark Klingman
9.Kindness by Mark Klingman
10.Crying In The Sunshine by Mark Klingman
11.Kilpatrick's Defeat by Mark Klingman & Mike Gayle
12.Just A Sinner by Mark Klingman
13.Friends (demo) (duet with Buzzy Linhart) ©1971 by Mark Klingman & Buzzy Linhart
14.Dust In The Wind (1st demo) ©1970by Mark Klingman
15.I'm A Free Man (1st demo) ©1970by Mark Klingman
16.(Ain't That A) Kindness (1st demo) ©1970by Mark Klingman
17.Slap That Bass (1st demo)©1970by Mark Klingman
18.Saturday Nite Is The Big Apple (rehearsal)©1972by Mark Klingman
19.Willy Is Along Gone (lost tape)©1970by Mark Klingman & Richard Corey

Mark Moogy Klingman (Glitterhouse)Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Ralph Schuckett (Clear Light, Jo Mama)Keyboards, Back-up Vocals
John Seigler (Air)Bass, Cello, Back-up Vocals
John Siomos (Frampton's Camel)Drums
Todd RundgrenLead Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Lead Vocal, Back-up Vocals
Amos Garrett (Hungry Chuck)Guitar, Dobro
Ben Keith (Hungry Chuck)Pedal Steel, Dobro
N.D. Smart (Hungry Chuck)Drums, Back-up Vocals, Lead Vocal
Stu Woods (Brethren)Bass, Back-up Vocals
Tom Cosgrove (Brethren)Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Mark Rosengarten (Drums of Air)Conga
Robert Kogel (Support Guitar of Air)Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Buzzy LinhartVibes
Pete LabarbaVibes
Joel O'Brien (Flying Machine, Jo Mama)Mandolin
Doug RodriguesGuitar
Rick DerringerGuitar
Richard Corey (Front End Loader)Fiddle, Lead Vocals
Colin WilcoxHorns
Keith Johnson (Butterfield Blues Band)Horns
Terry Eaton (Fabulous Rhinestones) Horns
Jenny DeanBack-up Vocals
Emeretta MarksBack-up Vocals

Mark Moogy Klingman (Glitterhouse)Lead Vocals, Keyboards
Buzzy LinhartVibes, Harmonies on track 13
Robert Kogel (Support Guitar of Air)Guitar, Back-up Vocals on track 14,15,16,17
John Seigler (Air)Bass, Back-up Vocals on track 14,16,18
Roy Markowitz
(Kozmic Blues Band, The Brothers)
Drums on track 14,15,16
Todd RundgrenBack-up Vocals on track 14,15,17
Richard Corey (Front End Loader)Back-up Vocals on track 16,19
John MillerBass on track 15,17
Ralph Schuckett (Clear Light, Jo Mama)Keyboards, Back-up Vocals on track 18
John Siomos (Frampton's Camel)Drums on track 18


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