I Love the Road

Michael McGinnis -I Love the Road-

Artist : Michael McGinnis

Title : I Love the Road

Label : Shadow Hills Records

Record No. : SHR-006

Release : 2009

Credit : Produced by David Nichtern

2009ORIGINAL CDShadow Hills RecordsSHR-006

1.I Love the Roadby Michael McGinnis
2.Hobo's Holidayby Michael McGinnis
3.Rocky Mountain Mamaby Michael McGinnis
4.Nancy's Kitchenby Michael McGinnis & Kelly McNish
5.High Ridge Riderby Michael McGinnis
6.Morning Over Memphisby Bob Dylan
7.I Miss Youby Michael McGinnis & Mike Settle
8.In Your Lovin' Arms Againby Michael McGinnis & David P. Jackson
9.Denver in the RainTraditional
10.Utah Moon - 2nd. Editionby Michael McGinnis
11.New Mexico Morningby Michael McGinnis
12.Rodeo Gypsies - quartetby Michael McGinnis
13.Back Homeby Michael McGinnis

Michael McGinnisVocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Back-up Vocals,
David P. JacksonBass, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Back-up Vocals
Stephen GeyerLead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Back-up Vocals
Daniel MooreEngineer, Back-up Vocals
Michael LewisRngineer
Carol BakerBack-up Vocals
Jill GordonBack-up Vocals
Carol BrowningBack-up Vocals

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