The McGarrigle Christmas Hour

McGarrigle Family -The McGarrigle  Christmas Hour-

Artist : Kate & Anna (with McGarrigle Family)

Title : The McGarrigle Christmas Hour

Label : Nonesuch Records

Record No. : 2 79925

Release : 2005 Oct.25

Credit 1 : Produced by Kate & Anna McGarrigle

2005 Oct.25ORIGINAL U.S. CDNonesuch Records2 79925

1.Seven Joys of MaryTrad. arr. by Kate & Anna McGarrigle
2.Old Waits CarolTrad. arr. by Kate & Anna McGarrigle
3.O Little Town of Bethlehamby P. Brooks & L.H. Render
4.IL Est Ne/Ca BergersTrad. arr. by Kate & Anna McGarrigle
5.What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (Rufus Wainwright-solo)by Frank Loesser
6.Rebel Jesus (Lily Lanken & Martha Wainwright)by Jackson Browne
7.Some Children See Him (Rufus & Martha Wainwright)by W. Hutson & A. Burt
8.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Martha Wainwright)by Martha Wainwright
9.Countaing Stars by Kate & Anna McGarrigle with I.V. Dow
10.Spotlight on Christmas (Rufus Wainwright-solo)by Rufus Wainwright
11.Wise Men Kate McGarrigle)by Kate & Anna McGarrigle
12.Port Starboard Soxby Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Dane Lanken & Pat Donaldson
13.God Rest Ye Merry GentlemanMTrad. arr. by Kate & Anna McGarrigle
14.Blue Christmas (Chaim Tannenbaum)by B. Hayes & J. Johnson

Kate McGarrigleVocals, Piano, Guitar, Banjo, Acordion
Anna McGarrigleVocals, Guitar
Rufus WainwrightVocals, Guitar
Martha WainwrightVocals, Guitar, Percussion
Dane Lanken (ex-Mountain City Four)Vocals, Trumpet
Sylvan LankenVocals
Lily LankenVocals
Jane McGarriglePiano
Chaim Tannenbaum (ex-Mountain City Four)Vocals, Mandolin
Michel PepinGuitar, Bass, Dobro, Mandolin
Jody GolickPennywhistle Tenor Sax
Brad AlbettaPercussion
Tom MennierOrgan, Piano
Joel ZifkinViolin, Guitar
David ManssfieldViolin
Eloi PainchaudGuitar
Emmyloo HarrisVocals
Ruben MahrVocals
Jane AdamsVocals
Jack McKeeverVocals
Beth OrtonVocals
Danielle BolducVocals
Campbell HenderyVocals
Jordi RosenVocals
Jody GolickVocals
Pat DonaldsonVocals
Teddy ThompsonVocals, Electric Guitar, Bells
Patrice RicherTenor Trombone
Michael WilsonTenor Trombone
Trevor DixBass Trombone
Matt JohnsonDrums
John McColganDrums, Percussion
Pierre MerchandBass, Drums, Flutes
Andrew HallBass
Duke McVinnieElectric Guitar
George JavoriDrums, Bells

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