K i m T o l l i v e r

This Site is dedicated to memoly of Dorothy Kimberley Tolliver
(21st of June 1937 to 6th of June 2007)

Kimberley Briggs "Who's Kimberley?"/"Passing Clouds"
"Come And Get Me I'm Ready"


F r e d d y B r i g g s

This Site is dedicated to memoly of Freddy Briggs
(died in Nov. 2006)

Discography......Songs Works
Coldwater Stone "Defrost Me"
"The Lost Soul of Freddy Briggs"

s i n c e   4 t h   J u l   2 0 1 3 T h i s   S i t e   i s   m a i n t a i n e d   b y   H i d e k i   W a t a n a b e

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