Sing a Page of Songs from the Good Book

The Kelly Brothers - Sing a Page of Songs from the Good Book  -

Artist : The Kelly Brothers

Title : Sing a Page of Songs from the Good Book

Label : King Records

Record No. : 810

Release : 1962.11

Credit : Compilation of early 6 Federal 45s

1962.11ORIGINAL US LPKing Records810
2013.1.1UK CD Int'l Marketing Grp?

A1.He's All Right
(Federal 45-12404) 1961
by Andrew Kelly
A2.Waiting For Jesus
(Federal 45-12392) 1960
by Offe Reese
A3.I Made It Over At Last
(Federal 45-12373) 1960
by T.C. Lee
A4.I Still Remember
(Federal 45-12465) 1962
by P. Elder, Sonny Thompson
A5.When Satan Blocked My Way
(Federal 45-12442) 1962
by Curtis Kelly
A6.Come On Jesus (Give Me A Helping Hand)
(Federal 45-12442) 1961
by T.C. Lee
B1.He's The Same Today
(Federal 45-12404) 1961
by Willie Lee Harris, Jr.
B2.I'm So Glad Today
(Federal 45-12458) 1962
by Richard Wallace, Sonny Thompson
B3.Jesus Knows The Reason Why
(Federal 45-12392) 1960
by Bobby Baylor
B4.I'll Be Standing At The Station When Jesus Comes
(Federal 45-12465) 1962
by T.C. Lee, Sonny Thompson
B5.I've Been Striving For So Long
(Federal 45-12373) 1960
by Robert Kelly
B6.I'll Be A Witness There, Too
(Federal 45-12458) 1962
by Cleeve Graham, Sonny Thompson

Curtis KellyVocals
Andrew KellyVocals
Robert KellyVocals
T. C. LeeVocals
Offie ReeseVocals

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