Live At The Bottom Line 1976

The Rhinestones -Live At The Bottom Line 1976 -

Artist : The Rhinestones

Title : Live At The Bottom Line 1976

Label : Riverman Music Korea

Record No./Release : VSCD-3541 / 2011

Credit : Previous unreleased live at The Bottom Line 1976

2011.10.26KOREAN CD with Mini LP JacketVivid/Riverman VSCD-3541

1.One Time Love (from 3rd album)by Harvey Brooks & Kal David
2.Ridin' Thumb(from 3rd album)by James Seals & Dash Crofts
3.Run To Meby Bob Leinbach & Kal David
4.Good Thingsby Bob Leinbach, Kal David & Eric Parker
5.Slippin' Away (original version of Orleans)by Bob Leinbach & Kal David
6.Harvey's Tune(instrumental)by Harvey Brooks
7.Gotta Have All You Loveby Harvey Brooks, Kal David & Marty Grebb
8.Sticks And Stonesby Ray Charles, Henry Glover & Titus Turner
9.Devil In Me (from 3rd album)by Harvey Brooks & Kal David

Harvey BrooksBass
Kal Davidlead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Bob LeinbachKeyboard, Trombone Solo on Track 6 9 , Back-up Vocals
Arti FuranoRhythm Guitar, Back-up Vocals
Eric ParkerDrums
Bill CurtisConga

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