Don't Laugh at Me

Peter Paul & Mary, Peter Yarrow -Don't Laugh at Me-

Artist : Peter Paul & Mary, Peter Yarrow

Title : Don't Laugh at Me

Sub-Title : School Program Songs

Label : Operation Respect, Inc.

Record No. : none

Release : 2000

2000ORIGINAL CDOperation Respect, Inc.none
2000DIFFERENT JACKET CDOperation Respect, Inc.none

1.Don't Laugh at Me (PPM Version) 3:13by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin
2.Weave Me The Sunshine (P. Yarrow solo) 2:24by Peter Yarrow
3.Day Id Done (P. Yarrow solo) 3:11by Peter Yarrow
4.Puff The Magic Dragon (P. Yarrow solo) 3:47by Peter Yarrow & Leonard Lipton
5.Light One Candle (P. Yarrow solo) 2:51by Peter Yarrow
6.Blowin' In The Wind (P. Yarrow solo) 3:38by Bob Dylan
7.If I Had a Hammer (P. Yarrow solo) 2:40by Segar & Hayes
8.Don't Laugh at Me (P. Yarrow Solo Version) 3:24by Steve Seskin & Allen Shamblin

MUSICIANS on Peter's tracks
Peter YarrowVocal, Acoustic Guitar
Peter Paul & MaryVocals, Acoustic Guitar

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