B a c k   B a y   B l u e s

Bucky Lindsey - Back Bay Blues-

Artist : Bucky Lindsey

Title : Back Bay Blues

Label : Gulftone Records

Record No. : GTCD20021

Release : 2002

Credit : Produced by Dan Penn

1.Gross Ventby Larry Shell, Joel Sonnier & Hoy Lindsey
2.Back Bay Bluesby Carson Whitsett & Hoy Lindsey
3.Hog Killin' Timeby Richard Fleming & Hoy Lindsey
4.The Hard Wayby Chuck Glass & Hoy Lindsey
5.King Of The Bluesby Bert Colwell & Hoy Lindsey
6.Blue Twistin'by Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Hoy Lindsey
7.Battlin' The Bluesby Dan Penn, Carson Whitsett & Hoy Lindsey
8.Good Day For The Bluesby Ricky Ray Rector & Hoy Lindsey
9.Big Houseby Jim Glass, Johnny Tulucci & Hoy Lindsey
10.Love Conquers Allby Dan Penn, Mike Durham & Hoy Lindsey
11.Four Wallsby George Campbell & Marvin J. Moore
12.While The Gettin's Goodby Dan Penn, Mike Durham & Hoy Lindsey

Bucky LindseyVocals, Bass, Acoustick Guitar on track 3
Dan PennProducer, Background Vocal on track 5,
Piano on track 11
Carson WhitsettKeyboards, Programming on tracks 2, 6
Mike DurhamGuitars
Jim BrockDrums & Percussion
Jim GlassOne Man Band on track 9,
Background Vocal on track 9
Bert ColwellOne Man Band on track 5
Richard FlemingGuitar on track 3
Terry TownsonTrumpet on tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11
Dennis TaylorSaxophones on tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11
Buz CasonBackground Vocal on track 6
Lisa BestBackground Vocal on track 1
Larry ShellBackground Vocal on track 1
Chuck GlassBackground Vocal on track 9
The Dandylions
(Dan Penn, Lisa Best & Bucky Lindsey)
Background Vocal on track 2, 10, 11, 12

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