The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection of Bruce Channel

Artist : Bruce Channel

Title : The Ultimate Collection

Sub-Title : "Hey! Baby" & 31 other songs about your Baby

Label : Marginal Records UK

Record No. : Mar 064

Release : 2006

2006.3.13.ORIGINAL U.K. CDMarginal Records UKMar 064

1.That's What Happening (Melody M112)1964by Howard Hausey
2.Satisfied Mind (Melody M112)1964by Jack Rhodes & Joe Hayes
3.You Make Me Happy (Melody M114)1964by Jimmy Curtis
4.You Never Looked Better (Melody M114)1964by Howard Hausey & John Whitter
5.Forget Me Not (Le Cam 122)1964by Eddie McDuff & George Kent
6.Presley Medley (Le Cam 1117)1979by Bruce Channel & Friends
7.Hey! Baby (Stereo Version)(Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Bruce Channel & Margaret Cobb
8.Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Meaux & Bourgols
9.Baby, It's You (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by David & Bacharrach
10.Chantilly Lace (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by J.P. Richardson
11.Ain't Got No Home (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Clarence Henry
12.Sorry Baby (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Bruce Channel & Margaret Cobb
13.Dream Baby (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Cindy Walker
14.Since I Met You Baby (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Ivory Hunter
15.If Only I Had Known (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Helen Hall & Bubby Howard
16.Dream Girl (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Bruce Channel & Margaret Cobb
17.Baby, You've Got What It Takes (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Murray Stein, Clyde Otis & Benton
18.Love Me (Smash Stereo LP SRS-67008)1962by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
19.Run Romance Run (Teenager TA-601)1959by Bruce Channel
20.Going Back To Louisiana (Le Cam 122)1964by Bob Osburn (correct writer)
21.Kiss Me Baby (LP Sonet SNT-301)1968by Bruce Channel & Smith
22.C.C. Rider (LP Sonet SNT-301)1968by Chuck Willis
23.My Baby (Le Cam 125)1964by Delburt McClington
24.Now Or Never (King 45-5294)1960by Bruce Channel & Margaret Cobb
25.Number One Man (Le Cam 963)1962by Bruce Channel, Margaret Cobb & Marvin Montgomery
26.Mine Exclusively (Smash S-1769)1962by Bruce Channel
27.Stand Tough (Le Cam 983)1962by Grossman & Morrison
28.Night People (Smash S-1826)1962by Bruce Channel
29.Keep On (Mala 592)1968by Wayne Carson Thompson
30.Mr. Bus Driver (Mala 579)1967by Wayne Carson Thompson
31.No Other Baby (Smash S-1826)1962by Bruce Channel
32.Blue Monday (Le Cam 125) 1964by Domino
Bruce ChannelVocals
Delbert McClintonHarmonica on all tracks (expect 11)

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