A D e e p D i p I n t o A l a b a m a S o u l. 2

Various Artist -A Deep Dip Into Alabama Soul Vol.1-

Artist : Various Artist

Title : A Deep Dip Into Alabama Soul Vol.2

Label : Soul From The Vaults

Record No. : SFTV #??

1.I Didn't Make My Move Too Soon 3:31Lynn White
Darby 515 (1979)
by Betty Wilcox Ray
2.Love Don't Come Easy 2:40Na Allen
Pedestal 120 (1973)
by Phillip Mitchell
3.Don't Take It Away 3:58Meadows Brothers
Radio RR 4008 (1981)
by Max D. Barnes & Troy Seals
4.See Me 3:03Margie Joseph
Okeh 4-7304 (1968)
by L. Diamond & G. Davis
5.Baby Can You Deal With That 2:55Myron Cephas
Mil-Smi MS-1035 (1980)
by Myron Cephas & Milton Smith
6.My World Tumbles Down 3:10Patterson Singers
Atco 45-6877 (1972)
by Terry Woodford & George Soule
7.Let Me Make You Happy 3:03 Hersey Taylor
Future CC 1001 (1974)
by G. Wilson
8.You're A Part Of Me 3:15Ed Boze
Avco AV-4636 (1974)
by Annie Boze, Ed Boze, Mattie Boze
9.I Really Want To See You Tonight4:34David Sea
Magic City MCR-01 (1986)
by Parker, McGee
10.You Made Me A Anybody's Woman 2:45Jean Elias
Back Beat 623 (1971)
by Harrison Calloway
11.Cradle Of Love 4:16Tiny Watkins
Goodie Train GT-060 (1976)
by E.T. Watkins
12.Blues Time In Birmingham 3:31Frankie Saunders
Juana JU-1953 (1981)
by R.J. Powell
13.Depend On Me 2:58Steve Dixon
Spotlite 101
by Jerry Powell
14.So Glad I Can Love Again 3:44Cissy Houston
Janus J-230 (1973)
by Norma Toney
15.Keep On Lovin' Me 2:37Bobby Bland
Duke 464 (1970)
by Don Davis
16.I Am Willing To Change 5:02Jerry Rankin
Mil-Smi MS-108 (1976)
by Jerry Rankin
17.You Can't Stop A Man In Love 2:45Reuben Howell
Motown M 1274F B (1973)
by Terry Woodford & George Soule
18.We're Living To Give 2:52Ruby Winters
Diamond D-265 (1969)
by Andy Badale & Jim Fragale
19.Let's Do It Over 2:22Toussaint McCall
P-Vine PLP-722 (1981)
by Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
20.I Stayed Away Too Long 2:16Wallace Brothers
Jewel 851 (1977)
by Clarence Carter

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