Watchpocket - Watchpocket-

Artist : Watchpocket

Title : Watchpocket

Label : TMI Records

Record No./Release : TMS-1001 / 1972

Credit : Produced by Steve Cropper, Ron Capone & Jerry L. Williams

1971ORIGINAL U.S. LPTMI RecordsTMS-1001
2011.10.26KOREAN RE-ISSUED CDBig Pink Records Big Pink 141

A1.People All Around Meby Sid Herring & Don Taylor-Wood
A2.Four Wallsby Mary V. Williams, Sid Herring & Don Taylor-Wood
A3.Love Shine by Dan Sullivan & Gale Harris
A4.Good Time Tomorrow by Sid Herring & Steve Cropper
A5.Bad Water by Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy holiday & Randy Meyers
B1.Who'll Take Care Of Me by Sid Herring, Betty Cropper & Don Taylor-Wood
B2.Back Porch Of My Mind by Mary V. Williams, Sid Herring & Don Taylor-Wood
B3.Love Will Be The Answer by Steve Cropper & Sid Herring
B4.On The Runby Bill Hodges

Sid Herring (ex-Gants) (1965-1966)Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bill HodgesLead Vocal on B4, Back-up Vocals
Steve CropperGuitar
Paul CannonGuitar
Jimm JohnsonBass
Danny JonesBass, Back-up Vocals
Richie SimpsonDrums
Don Taylor-Wood(ex-Gants) (1965-1966)Drums
J.A. SpellPiano
David BeaverElectric Piano, Back-up Vocals
David MayoBack-up Vocals
Pat TaylorBack-up Vocals
Sarah FulcherBack-up Vocals
Susan DotsonBack-up Vocals
Lynn PyronBack-up Vocals
Dee McminnBack-up Vocals

David Mayo's Single
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