S i n g l e s    D i s c o g r a p h y

PEPPER -AS THE SCANDAL- produced by H.L.R.(=Larry Raspberry)
Pepper432There's Reason Why 2:20
(by Len Renfro & Bruce Smith)
Girl, You're Goin' Out'a My Mind
(by Len Renfro & Bruce Smith)

Len "Crow" RenfroVocals Guitar
Bruce SmithVocals, Guitar
Kathy ThorntonVocals
Carol FerranteVocals

Len Renfro and Bruce Smith liked to sing with their girlfriends when they weren't playing with their Memphis, Tennessee group The Sands. As their vocal arrangements became more accomplished they started performing around town and were heard by The Gentrys' Larry Raspberry, who thought they should put out a 45. The Raspberry-produced 45 appeared at the end of 1967. It was well received - echoey harmonies over organ and tambourine. Both songs were written by Renfro and Smith. They split soon after when Renfro joined the Navy in the Spring of 1968. Renfro later married Kathy Thornton. Carol Ferrante would become Mrs. Larry Raspberry.

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