Voice From the Shadows

Mary Gresham -Voice From the Shadows-

Artist : Mary Gresham

Title : Voice From the Shadows

Sub-Title : Story of Muscle Shoals Soul Sister

Credit 1 : Recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, etc.

2008.4.1ORIGINAL UK CDSoulscape RecordsSSCD 7008

1.Let's Walk Down the Street Together - Chuck & Mariann (A-bet 9432) 1968by J. Hamilton, R.J. Benninghoff, F. Duncan & R. Shell
2.Woman in Me - Mariann (A-bet 9432) 1968by Becki Bluefield
3.Going Through the Changes - Chuck & Mariann (A-bet 9438) 1969by Finley Duncun
4.Motivation - Mariann (A-bet 9438) 1969by Finley Duncun
5.Just Me and You by Mary Gresham
6.Spend a Little Time (Loving the World)by Mary Gresham
7.Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) by Mary Gresham, Finley Duncan & Robert James Benninghoff
8.Get on Back on the Right Track by Robert James Benninghoff
9.Rainin' in My Heart by James Moore & Jerry West
10.Colour of Man by Mary Gresham, Finley Duncan, Robert James Benninghoff & Larry Shell
11.I'll Never Let You Walk Alone (Hit&Run HR-1501) 1973/2008by Frank Johnson
12.Leaving Me by Frank Johnson
13.Use Me by Bill Withers
14.You've Been Doing Wrong for So Long by Frank Johnson
15.I Want to Be Loved by Frank Johnson
16.I'm Not Made for Love by Clayton Ivey, Frank Johnson & Terry Woodford
17.Nobody's Gonna Turn Me Against You by Frank Johnson
18.Sorry We Didn't Make It by Frank Johnson
19.You've Never Really Lived (Until You've Loved Someone) (Hit&Run HR-1501) 1976/2008 by James Gresham, Harvey Thompson & Cornell Ward
20.Promises Are Not to Be Broken by Mary Gresham & James Gresham
21.His Love Can Be No Stronger by Mary Gresham, Leroy Thompson & Cornell Ward
22.Stay There and Try to Be Strong by Jerry Weaver
23.We Are So in Love by Mary Gresham, Leroy Thompson, Cornel Ward & Jerry Weaver
24.So Many Waysby Jerry Weaver

Fame Recordings 1~4 1968
Mary GreshamLead Vocals, Back Vocals
Finley DuncunProducer
Albert "Junior" LoweGuitar
Roger HawkinsDrums
Barry BeckettKeyboards
David HoodBass
Memphis HornsHorns

Playground Recordings 5~10 1969
Mary GreshamLead Vocals, Back Vocals
Finley DuncunProducer
R.J. BenninghoffKeyboards
David AdkinsDrums, Guitar
John Rainey AdkinsGuitar
Kent PhillipsBass, Guitar
Larry ShellGuitar
Muscle Shoals HornsHorns

Widget Recordings 11~18 1973/Broadway Recordings 16only 1974
Mary GreshamLead Vocals, Back Vocals
Clayton IveyKeyboards, Producer 11~18
Terry WoodfordBack Vocals, Producer 11~18
Lenny LeBlancBass
Roger ClarkDrums
Tippy ArmstrongGuitar
Pete CarrGuitar
Barbara WyrickBack Vocals
Marie TomlinsonBack Vocals
Susie StormBack Vocals

Muscle Shoals Recordings 19~24 1976/77
Mary GreshamLead Vocals, Back Vocals
Jerry WeaverProducer on 22 & 24
Jimmy JohnsonGuitar, Producer on 19, 20, 21 &23
Roger HawkinsDrums, Producer on 19, 20, 21 &23
David HoodBass
Randy McCormickElectric Piano
Jimmy GreshamBack Vocals

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