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Discography 2
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Other Albums featured Sam Dees' Guest/Lead Vocal

Cleveland Eaton "Instant Hip"(1976)
Les McCann "Tall, Dark & Handsome"(1979)
Cleveland Eaton "Bama Boogie Woogie"(1979)
Esther Phillips "Good Black Is Hard To Crack"(1981)
V/A "East Memphis Music - The Hits "(1982)
V/A "Hotlanta Soul Vol. 1 "(1998)
V/A "Troubled Waters"(2003)
V/A "American's Most Wanted Vol.1"(2003)
V/A "Hotlanta Soul Vol. 3 "(2005)

T h i s   S i t e   i s   m a i n t a i n e d   b y   H i d e k i   W a t a n a b e

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