T h e   S m i l e   o f   L i f e

Ronnie Barron 2nd Album

Artist : Ronnie Barron

Title : The Smile of Life

Label : Nippon Columbia Records

Record No. : YX-7201-N

Release : 1978

Credit : Produced by Haruomi Hosono with Makoto Kubota

1978ORIGINAL JAPANESE LPNippon Columbia RecordsYX-7201-N
1994JAPANESE RE-ISSUED CDVivid Sound CorporationVSCD-701

A1.Preludeby Ronnie Barron
A2.Moon Shinin Brightby Ronnie Barron
A3.Make You Love Meby L. Morris & E. Kador
A4.Honey, Honeyby Ronnie Barron
A5.Running South, Running Northby Ronnie Barron
A6.Carry It On Home To Rosieby Ronnie Barron
B1.Some Peopleby Ronnie Barron
B2.Doing Business With The Devilby Ronnie Barron
B3.My Jealousyby Ronnie Barron
B4.She Does It Goodby Ronnie Barron
B5.Love Affair by Ronnie Barron

PERSONNEL in New Orleans on A1 A5 A6 B1
Ronnie BarronVocals, Keyboards
Mac RebennackKeyboards, Liner Notes
Art NevilleKeyboards
Joseph ModelisteDrums
Leo NocentelliGuitar
George Porter, Jr.Bass

PERSONNEL in Japan on A2~A4 B2~B5
Ronnie BarronVocals, Keyboards
Haruomi HosonoProducer, Bass
Makoto KubotaCo-Producer
Shigeru SuzukiGuitar
Ginji ItohGuitar
Kenichi InoueGuitar
Takashi OnzouBass
Tatsuo HayashiDrums
Yutaka UeharaDrums
Nobu SaitohPercussions

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