R o n n i e M i l s a p

Ronnie Milsap -Early Recordings-

Artist : Ronnie Milsap

Title : Early Recordings

Label : Private made CD-R

Credit : containing 56 songs of rare, early Ronnie music

1.Total Disaster (Warner 5405) 1963by V.J. Simmons
2.It Went To Your Head (Warner 5405) 1963by Alton Valier
3.Wish You Were Here (Pacemaker 246) 1965by Huey Meaux
4.Loving Background (instrumental)
(Pacemaker 246) 1965
by ?
5.Let's Go Get Stoned
(Scepter 12109) 1965
by Valerie Simpson, Nicholas Ashford, Joshie Armstead
6.Never Had It So Good
(Scepter 12109) 1965
by Valerie Simpson, Nicholas Ashford, Joshie Armstead
7.When It Comes To My Baby
(Scepter 12127) 1966
by V. Simpson, N. Ashford
8.1,000 Miles From Nowhere
(Scepter 12127) 1966
by Ronnie Milsap
9.End Of The World (Scepter 12145) 1966by Sylvia Dee & Arthur Kent
10.I Saw Pity In The Face Of A Friend (Scepter 12145) 1966by Valerie Simpson, Richard Monica & Nicholas Ashford
11.Ain't No Soul Left In These Old Shoes (Version 1)by Arthur Resnick & Joe Levine
12.Ain't No Soul Left In These Old Shoes (Version 2)by Arthur Resnick & Joe Levine
13.Another Branch From The Old Tree (Scepter 12161) 1966by Huey P. Meaux
14.House Of The Rising Sun (Scepter 12206) 1967 adapt. by Chips Moman
15.I Can't Tell A Lie (Scepter 12206) 1967by Johnny Christopher
16.Do What You Gotta Do (Scepter 12228) 1968by Jimmy Webb
17.Mr. Mailman (Scepter 12228) 1968by Mark James
18.Denver (Scepter 12246) 1969by Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
19.Nothing's As Good As It Used To Be (Scepter 12246) 1969by Johnny Christopher
20.Love Will Never Pass Us By (Scepter 12272) 1970by Mark James
21.What's Your Game (Scepter 12272) 1970by Mark James
22.Loving You's A Natural Thing (Chips 2889) 1970by Mark James & George Klein
23.So Hung Up On Sylvia (Chips 2889) 1970by Toni Wine & Irwin Levine
24.A Rose By Any Other Name (Chips 2987) 1970by Toni Wine & Irwin Levine
25.Sermonette (Chips 2987) 1970by Johnny Christopher & Mike Leech
26.Why (Warner 7540) 1971by Swain Schaefer
27.You And Me, Me And You (Warner 7629) 1972by Troy Seals & Will Jennings
28.Magic Me Again (Warner 7629) 1972by Kenny Davidson, Lynda Davidson, Troy Seals

1.She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye (Warner 8127) 1975by Douglas Gilmore & Mickey Newbury
2.Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends (Warner 8160) 1975by Kris Kristofferson
3.Crying (Warner 8218) 1975by Roy Orbison & Joe Melson
4.Kentucky Woman (LP "Kentucky Woman" Buckboard BBS-1037) 1977by Neil Diamond
5.Traces (LP "Kentucky Woman" Buckboard BBS-1037) 1977by Buddy Buie, James Cobb & Emory Gordy
6.If You Go Away (LP "Kentucky Woman" Buckboard BBS-1037) 1977by Rod McKuen & Jacques Brel
7.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (instrumental) (LP "Kentucky Woman" Buckboard BBS-1037) 1977by B. Bacharach & H. David
8.Need To Belong To Someone (LP "16 Hits" Trip TOP-16-24) 1976by Curtis Mayfield
9.Maybe (LP "16 Hits" Trip TOP-16-24) 1976by
10.An Exception To The Rule (LP "Greatest Hits, Vol. 2" ) 1984by
11.Didn't We (LP "Kentucky Woman" Buckboard BBS-1037) 1977by Jimmy Webb
12.There Goes My Heart (LP "16 Hits" Trip TOP-16-24) 1976by
13.Spinning Wheel (LP "16 Hits" Trip TOP-16-24) 1976 by
14.Old Man At The Fair (LP "16 Hits" Trip TOP-16-24) 1976by
15.I Just Can't Help Believin' (Warner BS-2870) 1975by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil
16.Keep On Smilin' (Warner WS-1934) 1971by Spooner Oldham & Karen Oldham
17.Blue Skies Of Montana (Warner WS-1934) 1971by Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
18.Your Tears Leave Me Cold (LP "Plain And Simple" Pickwick JS 6179) 1975by Mark Charron
19.Lonely Weekend (LP "Plain And Simple" Pickwick JS 6179) 1975by Charlie Rich
20.Not For The Love Of You (LP "Plain And Simple" Pickwick JS 6179) 1975by Ronnie Milsap
21.Don't Forget About Me (LP "Plain And Simple" Pickwick JS 6179) 1975by Vicki Simmons
22.Another Love Has Ended (CD "Crazy Cajun Recordings" Edsel 909) 1998 by Frankie Lee
23.Plain And Simple (LP "Plain And Simple" Pickwick JS 6179) 1975by Ronnie Milsap
24.Mary Ann (LP "Plain And Simple" Pickwick JS 6179) 1975by Ray Charles
25.I Can't Stop Crying (LP "Greatest Hits, Vol. 2" ) 1984by
26.If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (LP "16 Hits" Trip TOP-16-24) 1976by
27.Only One Woman (UK LP "Mr Mailman" DJM DJSLM 2036) 1976by

Ronnie MilsapVocals, Keyboards

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