Keep On Dancing

The Gentrys -Keep On Dancing (Collectables Compilation)-

Artist : The Gentrys

Title : Keep On Dancing (Collectables Compilation)

Label : Collectables Records

Credit 1 : Compilations 14 tracks

Credit 2 : tracks 1~12 from 1st album

1.Keep On Dancing (MGM K-13379) 1965by Allen A. Jones, Andrew M. Love & Richard A. Shann
2.Everybody To Their Own Kickby Stacy Davidson
3.Sometimes (Youngstown 600) 1965by Gene Thomasson
4.Hang On Sloopy by Bert Russell, Wes Farrell
5.Hey Girl Don't Bother Me by Ray Whittley
6.Brown Paper Sack (MGM K-13432) 1965by Larry Rogers
7.Do You Love Me by Berry Gordy Jr.
8.Hand Jive by B. Allan
9.So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)by Don Everly
10.Don't Send Me No Flowersby Donna Weiss
11.Little Girl Next Girlby Don McMillen, Lowell Foster
12.Make Up Your Mind (MGM K-13379) 1965by Jack Grady, Jas Griffin
13.Spread It On Thick (MGM K-13432) 1965by John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins & Bill Cates
14.Everyday I Have To Cry (MGM K-13495) 1966by Arthur Alexander

Larry RaspberryLead Vocals, Guitar
Larry ButlerOrgan
Jimmy HartVocals
Larry WallDrums
Pat NealBass
Bruce BowlesVocals

Larry Raspberry discography
The Gentrys "Gentry Time" LP 1966
The Gentrys "A Woman Of The World / There Are Two Sides To Every Story" MGM Single K 13561 1966
Alamo "Alamo" LP 1970
Larry Raspberry And The Highsteppers "Highsteppin And Fancy Dancin" LP 1974
Larry Raspberry And The Highsteppers "In The Pink" LP 1975
Larry Raspberry And The Highsteppers "No Accident" LP 1979

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