I t' s O n l y A R o c k 'N' R o l l S h o w

Finnigan And Wood -It's Only A Rock And Roll Show-

Artist : Finnigan And Wood

Title : It's Only A Rock And Roll Show

Label : A JazzCubed (Demo Recording)

Release : 2011, 11, 7

Credit 1 : Produced by Stephen Barncard

Credit 2 : Recorded in 1970-71

2011Digital AlbumA JazzCubednil

1.Tend To Your Own Businessby Roebuck Staples
2.Why Am I Treated So Badby Roebuck Staples
3.End Of Our Roadby Norman Whitfield, Rodger Penzabene & Barrett Strong
4.The Meaning Of The Wordby Lane Tietgen
5.Down In The Flood by Bob Dylan
6.My, My, Myby Lane Tietgen
7.The Light The Lessonby Lane Tietgen
8.It's Only A Rock And Roll Show by Lane Tietgen
9.Hard Times by Ray Charles

Mike FinniganPiano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ, Harmonica, Vocals
Jerry WoodGuitar, Vocals
Don "Squeek" ClareyDrums
Ray "Bags" BagbyPercussions
David GatesBass
Ray LoeckleReeds
Lane TietgenSongwriter

Recorded at night in 1970 on a 16 track 3M multi-track audio recorder at Wally Heider Studios,
. 245 Hyde Street, San Francisco, by a young and inexperienced Stephen Barncard.
Recently mixed from a 24/96 digital transfer from that same multi-track recording at the House of Cubes,
San Francisco, CA. by the same Stephen Barncard.

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