Lightning-Rod Man

 Lowell George  & The Factory - Lightning-Rod Man   -

Artist : Lowell George & The Factory

Title : Lightning-Rod Man

Label : Bizarre Records

Record No./Release : R2 71563 / 1993

Credit : Produced by Marshall Leib

1993ORIGINAL U.S. CDBizarre RecordsR2 71563
1993RE-ISSUED U.K. CDEdsel RecordsEDCD 377

1.Lightning-Rod Man by Lowell George & Martin Kibbee
2.Lostby Lowell George
3.Candy Cane Madness by Lowell George & Warren Klein
4.Slow Down by Lowell George & Martin Kibbee
5.Smile, Let Your Life Begin
(Uni 55005) Apr.1967
by Lowell George
6.The Loved Oneby Lowell George & Martin Kibbee
7.Sleep Tight by Lowell George & Martin Kibbee
8.No Place I'd Rather Be
(Uni 55027) Aug. 1967
by Lowell George & Warren Klein
9.Hey Girl! by Lowell George
10.Changes by Lowell George & Warren Klein
11.Candy Cane Madness (Live Version) by Lowell George & Warren Klein
12.Crack In Your Door by Lowell George
13.Teenage Nervous Breakdown by Lowell George, Martin Kibbee & Tom Levy
14.Framed by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
15.Juliet by Lowell George

Lowell GeorgeLead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Woodwind, Percussion
Warren KleinGuitar, Lead Guitar
Martin F. KibbeeBass
Richie HaywardDrums, Background Vocals

Frank ZappaProducer ,Piano, Background Vocals on Track 1, 7
Marshall LeibProducer
Fred aka Fred Martin (=Martin F. Kibbee)Recorder
Mike MelvoinWurlitzer
Emil RichardsPercussion
Earl PalmerDrums
Cary SlavinDrums
Roy Estrada(Mothers)Bass
Bill Payne(Mothers)Organ
Elliot Ingber(Mothers)Guitar
Ian Underwood(Mothers)Sax

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