Ship of Labor

 Edgewood  - Ship of Labor-

Artist : Edgewood

Title : Ship of Labor

Label : TMI Records

Record No./Release : Z 30971 / 1971

Credit 1 : Produced by Jimm Johnson

Credit 2 : Engineered by J.R. Williams

1971ORIGINAL U.S. LPTMI RecordsZ 30971

A1.Ain't Had No Lovin' 4:40by Steve Spear, David Beaver, Pat Taylor, Jim Tarbutton & Mike Blecker
A2.Why Don't You Listen 4:35by David Mayo & David Beaver
A3.Burden Of Lies 3:47by Pat Taylor & David Beaver
A4.Ship Of Labor 6:33 by Steve Spear, David Beaver & Jim Tarbutton
B1.Unconscious Friend 3:13by Joel Williams
B2.Medieval People 3:42by David Beaver
B3.We Both Stand To Lose 4:43 by Reni Crook & Wayne Crook
B4.What You See2:58by Steve Spear & David Beaver
B5.Silent 7:03by David Mayo & Wayne Crook

Pat Taylor (ex-Ashes) (1970-1972)Vocals, Guitar
David Beaver (ex-The Gentrys) (1970-1972)Vocals, Keyboard
David Mayo (1970-1972)Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Jim Tarbutton (ex-The Gentrys) (1970-1972)Lead Guitar
Steve Spear (ex-The Moloch) (1970-1972)Bass
Mike Bleecker
(1970 replaced to Joel Williams)
Drums, Percussion
Joel Williams (1970-1972)Drums, Percussion


David Mayo's Single
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