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Eddie Hinton -The Anthology 1969 - 1993-

Artist : Eddie Hinton

Title : The Anthology 1969 - 1993

Sub-Title : A Mighty Field Of Vision

Label : Raven Records, Australia

Record No. : RVCD-206

Release : 2005

Credit : Compilations

1.I Got The Feelingfrom "Very Extremely Dangerous"
2.You Got Me Singingfrom "Very Extremely Dangerous"
3.Concept Worldfrom "Very Extremely Dangerous"
4.Shout Bamalamafrom "Very Extremely Dangerous"
5.Just Like The Fool That I Wasfrom "The Coleman-Hinton Project"
6.Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha Na Boom Boom)from "The Coleman-Hinton Project"
7.Got Down Last Saturday Nightfrom "The Coleman-Hinton Project"
8.My Searching Is Overfrom "Letters From Mississippi"
9.Sad And Lonesomefrom "Letters From Mississippi"
10.I Want A Womanfrom "Letters From Mississippi"
11.Here I Amfrom "Hard Luck Guy"
12.Sad Songfrom "Hard Luck Guy"
13.Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongryfrom "Hard Luck Guy"
14.What Would I Do Without Youfrom "Hard Luck Guy"
15.Hymn For Lonely Heartsfrom "Dear Y'all"
16.Something Heavyfrom "Plain' Around"
17.Everybody Needs Lovefrom "Letters From Mississippi"
18.Cry And Moanfrom "Cry And Moan"
19.Bottom Of The Wellfrom "Cry And Moan"
20.Rock Of My Soulfrom "Very Blue Highway"
21.Very Blue Highwayfrom "Very Blue Highway"

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