E v e r y b o d y' s   G o t   A   S o n g

Donnie Fritts -Everybody's Got A Song-

Artist : Donnie Fritts

Title : Everybody's Got A Song

Label : Oh Boy Records

Record No. : OBR-017CD

Release : 1997

Credit 1 : Produced by Jon and Sally Tiven

Credit 2 : Recorded at Studio 19 in Nashville, etc.

1.Why Is My Day So Longby Donnie Fritts & John Prine
2.Hello Memphisby Donnie Fritts, Spooner Oldham & Dan Penn
3.Short End Of The Strickby Donnie Fritts & Tony Joe White
4.A Damn Good Country Songby Donnie Fritts
5.Breakfast In Bedby Donnie Fritts & Eddie Hinton
6.Ten Foot Poleby Donnie Fritts & Eddie Hinton
7.The Oldest Baby In The Worldby Donnie Fritts & John Prine
8.If You Say Soby Donnie Fritts & Bill Blckburn
9.We Had It Allby Donnie Fritts & Troy Seals
10.Better Him Than Meby Donnie Fritts, Jon Tiven & Sally Tiven
11.Star Of The Showby Donnie Fritts
12.Everybody's Got A Songby Donnie Fritts & Dan Penn

Donnie FrittsLead Vocals, Electric Piano on track 3
Clayton IveyGrand Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Stephen BrutonAcoustic & Electric Guitar
Dan PennAcoustic Guitar
Owen HaleDrums, Percussion
Alan RushBass
Lee Roy ParnellSlide Guitar on track 1, 2, 8
Mike UtleyOrgan on track 1, 5, 11, 12
Giles ReavesDrums, Bass on track 3
Reggie YoungLead Electric Guitar on track 4, 7, 12
Tony Joe WhiteGuitar, Harmonica on track 3
Spooner OldhamOrgan on 2, 7, 9, Electric Piano on 5
Eddie HintonGuitar Licks on track 6
Jack PearsonSlid Guitar on track 6, 10
Jon TivenGuitar on track 6, 10
Delbert McClintonHarmonica on track 9, 10
Thomas CainOrgan on track 10

John PrineShared Lead Vocal on track 1, Back-up Vocal
Dan PennShared Lead Vocal on track 2, 12, Back-up Vocal
Waylon JenningsShared Lead Vocal on track 4
Lucinda WilliamsShared Lead Vocal on track 5
Eddie HintonShared Lead Vocal on track 6, Back-up Vocal
Willie NelsonShared Lead Vocal on track 7
Kris KristoffersonShared Lead Vocal on track 12, Back-up Vocal
Billy SwannHarmony Vocal on track 5, Back-up Vocal
Jon TivenBack-up Vocal on track 2
Lauren AgnelliBack-up Vocal on track 2, 9
Dave RaveBack-up Vocal on track 2, 9, 10
Spooner OldhamBack-up Vocal on track 2, 7, 9, 12
Alan MerrillBack-up Vocal on track 2, 9, 10
Bobby BareBack-up Vocal on track 7
Stephen BrutonBack-up Vocal on track 9
Felix CavaliereBack-up Vocal on track 12
Linda PennBack-up Vocal on track 12
Don NixBack-up Vocal on track 12
Sally TivenBack-up Vocal on track 12
Mike DukeBack-up Vocal on track 12
Phillip WhiteBack-up Vocal on track 12
Ronnie KnightBack-up Vocal on track 12
Bill BlackburnBack-up Vocal on track 12
Chris MooreBack-up Vocal on track 12
Mickey CatesBack-up Vocal on track 12
John JarrardBack-up Vocal on track 12
Delbert McClintonBack-up Vocal on track 12
Jimmy JohnsonBack-up Vocal on track 12
Alan RushBack-up Vocal on track 12
Clifford CurryBack-up Vocal on track 12

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