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Bobby Charles / After A While, Crocodile...

Artist : Bobby Charles

Title : After A While, Crocodile...

Sub-Title : The 50s Anthology

Label : GVC Recordings

Record No. : GVC 1009

Release : 2010.11.1

Credit : Compilation Albums

1.See You Later, Alligator (Chess 1609) 1955by R. Guidry
2.On Bended Knee (Chess 1609) 1955by R. Guidry
3.Hey Good Lookin' (Chess Outtake) 1955by H. Williams
4.Why Did You Leave (Chess 1617) 1956by R. Guidry
5.Don't You Know I Love You (Chess 1617) 1956by R. Guidry
6.Watch It, Sprocket (Chess Outtake) 1956by R. Guidry
7.Time Will Tell (Chess 1628) 1956by P. Gayton
8.Take It Easy, Greasy (Chess 1628) 1956by R. Guidry
9.Ain't Got No Home (Chess Outtake) 1956by R. Guidry
10.Laura Lee (Chess 1638) 1956by R. Guidry - P. Gayton
11.No Use Knocking (Chess 1638) 1956by R. Guidry
12.Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey (Chess 1647) 1956by J. McCree & A. Tilzer
13.Why Can't You (Chess 1647) 1956by R. Guidry
14.Lonely Street (Chess Outtake) 1956by Biscoe
15.Mr. Moon (Chess Outtake) 1956by R. Guidry
16.I'll Turn Square For You (Chess Outtake) 1956by R. Guidry
17.No More (I Ain't Gonna Do It) (Chess 1658) 1957by R. Guidry & Willie Dixon
18.You Can Suit Yourself (Chess 1658) 1957by R. Guidry
19.One Eyed Jack (Chess 1670) 1957by R. Guidry
20.Yea Yea Baby (Chess 1670) 1957by R. Guidry & P. Gayton
21.Good Loving (Chess Outtake) 1958by R. Guidry
22.Since She's Gone (Imperial X5542) 1958by B.C. Guidry & D. Bartholomew
23.At the Jamboree (Imperial X5542) 1958by D. Bartholomew & Pearl King
24.Since I Lost You (Imperial X5557) 1958by B.C. Guidry
25.Oh! Yeah (Imperial X5557) 1958by D. Bartholomew & Pearl King
26.What Can I Do (Imperial X5579) 1958by B.C. Guidry & D. Bartholomew
27.The Town Is Talking (Imperial X5579) 1958by A. Domino & D. Bartholomew
28.Bye Bye Baby (Imperial X5642) 1959by B.C. Guidry & D. Bartholomew
29.Those Eyes (Imperial X5642) 1959by B.C. Guidry & D. Bartholomew
30.What a Party (Imperial X5681) 1959by D. Bartholomew & Pearl King
31.I Just Want You (Imperial X5681) 1959by B.C. Guidry & D. Bartholomew
32.Four Winds (Imperial X5691) 1959by A. Domino & D. Bartholomew
33.Nothing as Sweet as You (Imperial X5691) 1959by Dave Bartholomew, Bobby Mitchel & Earl Montgomery

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