W a l k i n g   T o   N e w   O r l e a n s

Bobby Charles / Walking To New Orleans

Artist : Bobby Charles

Title : Walking To New Orleans

Sub-title : The Jewel & Paula Recordings 1964-65

Label : Demon-Westside

Record No. : WESA 874

Release : 2000

Dec.12,2000U.K. CDDemon-WestsideWESA 874
Sep.26,2006U.S.CDFuel302 061 613 2

1.Ain't Misbehavin' (Jewel 735)by Waller - Brooks - Razat
2.Preacher's Daughter (Jewel 735)by Guidry - Lewis
3.Everybody's Laughing (Jewel 728)by B. Charles - S. Lewis
4.Everyone Knows (Jewel 728)by Len Snider
5.The Walk (Paula 226)by Jimmy McCracklin
6.Worrying Over You (Paula 226)by Bobby Charles
7.Goodnite Irene (Jewel 729)by Ledbetter - Lomax
8.I Hope (Jewel 729)by Guidry - Lewis
9.Oh Lonesome Me (Jewel 740)by Don Gibson
10.One More Glass Of Wine (Jewel 740)by Guidry - Lewis
11.The Jealous Kindby Bobby Charles
12.See You Later, Alligatorby Bobby Charles
13.Cross My Heartby Johnny Ace - D. James
14.Walking To New Orleansby B. Charles
15.Who's Sorry Nowby Snyder - Kalmer - Ruby
16.I Hope (undubbed version)by Guidry - Lewis
17.Preacher's Daughter (alternate take)by Guidry - Lewis
18.The Walk (alternate stereo mix)by Jimmy McCracklin
19.Oh Lonesome Me (alternate stereo mix)by Don Gibson
20.One More Glass Of Wine (alternate stereo mix)by Guidry - Lewis

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