C h e s s    M a s t e r    C D

Bobby Charles / Chess Master CD

Artist : Bobby Charles

Title : Chess Master

Label : MCA Victor, Inc.

Record No. : MVCM-22078

Release : 1996.4.3

Credit : Japanese Compilation Albums

1996. 4. 3JAPANESE CDChess Records / MCA Victor, Inc.MVCM-22078

1.See You Later, Alligatorby R. Guidry
2.Watch It, Sprocketby R. Guidry
3.Don't You Know I Love Youby R. Guidry
4.On Bended Kneeby R. Guidry
5.Take It Easy, Greasyby R. Guidry
5.Laura Leeby R. Guidry - P. Gayton
7.Time Will Tellby P. Gayton
8.Why Can't Youby R. Guidry
9.You Can Suit Yourselfby R. Guidry
10.No Use Knockingby R. Guidry
11.Put Your Arms Around Me, Honeyby R. Guidry
12.Why Did You Leaveby R. Guidry
13.Mr. Moonby R. Guidry
14.Over Yonderby R. Guidry
15.I'll Turn Square For Youby R. Guidry
16.Ain't Got No Homeby R. Guidry
17.I Ain't Gonna Do It No Moreby R. Guidry
18.One Eyed Jackby R. Guidry
19.Yeah Yeahby R. Guidry
20.I'm A Fool To Careby R. Guidry
21.Good Lovingby R. Guidry
22.Teenagersby R. Guidry
23.Tell Me Babyby R. Guidry
24.Your Pictureby R. Guidry
25.Hey Good Lookin'by H. Williams
26.Lovesick Bluesby H. Williams
27.Lonely Streetby R. Guidry
28.I'd Like To Knowby R. Guidry

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