Stop! Get A Ticket

The Clefs Of Lavender Hill - Stop! Get A Ticket -

Artist : The Clefs Of Lavender Hill

Title : Stop! Get A Ticket

Label : Wounded Bird Records

Record No. : WOU-4002

Credit : * produced by John Simon

Credit : produced by Steven Palmer

1966Unissued US LPDate RecordsTES-4002
2010ORIGINAL US CDWounded Bird RecordsWOU-4002

1.*New Orleans by Frank Guida & Joseph Royster
2.*You Don't Notice by Travis Fairchild
3.*Sunshine Superman by Donovan Leitch
4.*Play With Fire (Date 2-1533) 1966by Mick Jagger, Keith Richard, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts & Bill Wyman
5.*So I'll Try (Date 2-1530) 1966by Travis Fairchild
6.*It Won't Be Long (Date 2-1533) 1966by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
7.*One More Time (Date 2-1530) 1966by Travis Fairchild
8.*Bang Bang by Sonny Bono
9.*Will You Go Away by Travis Fairchild
10.First Tell Me Why (Date 2-1510) 1966by Travis Fairchild & Coventry Fairchild
11.Stop! Get A Ticket (Date 2-1510) 1966by Travis Fairchild & Coventry Fairchild
12.*Gimme One Good Reason
(Date 2-1567) 1967
by Travis Fairchild
13.*Oh, Say My Love (Date 2-1567) 1967by Travis Fairchild
14.Stop! Get A Ticket
(single version-mono)
by Travis Fairchild & Coventry Fairchild
15.Stop! Get A Ticket (single version-stereo) by Travis Fairchild & Coventry Fairchild

Travis Fairchild (aka Joseph Ximenes) (66~67)Guitar, Vocals
Coventry Fairchild (aka Lorraine Ximenes) (66~67)Guitar, Vocals
Bill Moss (66~67) (ex-twilites)Bass
Fred Moss (66~67) (ex-twilites)Drums
+Frank Milone (67~68)Bass
Jon Hair (67)Drums
+Steve Zaricki (68)Drums

Tracks 1~11 Previously unreleased Stereo Mix. Album selection # was going to be Date unreleased album TES-4002.
Tracks 1~9 Originaly recorded 1966 Date Records, produced by John Simon.
Tracks 10~11 Originaly recorded 1965 Thames Records, produced by Steven Palmer
+Track 12~13 Originaly recorded as Date 7" single 2-1567 in 1967 produced by John Simon
Track 14 Originaly recorded as Thames 7" single #100 in 1966 produced by Steven Palmer
Track 15 Previously released on Nuggets