B i g B e n A t k i n s' S t o r y

Big Ben Atkins
The following is from
Brylen Records 1983
Liner Nortes

Big Ben's Photo taken
at Landmark Hotel

Anyone who has ever seen or heard him perform would have to agree that music is the heart of Big Ben Atkins.
Big Ben's roots are simple. Like many other Southern-born recording artists, his career began in church. Perhaps it shows in the soul he projects in his voice.
He was born in Vernon, Alabama, September 23rd, 1943, to a family of six children. He grew up early, in stature that is, 6'3", 280 pounds, where he achived the name "Big Ben" and it has stuck throughout this musical career.
His carrer went from amateur in high school to professional at age seventeen. Playing clubs, concerts, and local television. Ben's recording career has seen fourteen singles, two albums, and many commercials, jingles and promos.
Big Ben has performed all over the southeast and he has shared billings with such names as Charlie Rich, Dobie Gray, B.J. Thomas and The Buckinghams.
.....Big Ben Atkins sings with everything he has. Listen, and you, too, will be......Reachin' for the Feeling!

Special thanks to Big Ben Atkins

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