Other Assorted Love Songs

Bobby Whitlock & Kim Carmel - Other Assorted Love Songs

Artist : Bobby Whitlock & Kim Carmel

Title : Other Assorted Love Songs

Label : The Domino Label Records

Record No./Release : GRACD 265 / 2003

Credit 1 : Produced, Mixed, Engineered by Kim Carmel

Credit 2 : Recorded Live at Whitney Chapel Centenary College, Hackettstown, NJ Nov. 16, 2002

1.I Looked Awayby Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton
2.Keep On Growingby Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton
3.Anydayby Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton
4.He's Goneby Bobby Whitlock & Kim Carmel
5.All Things Must Passby George Harrison
6.Thorn Tree (inytroduction)
7.Thorn Tree In The Gardenby Bobby Whitlock
8.In The Middle of the Nightby Bobby Whitlock & kim Carmel
9.Bell Bottom Bluesby Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton
10.Good-byeby Kim Carmel
11.High On Youby Bobby Whitlock
12.Runnin' Wide Openby Bobby Whitlock & Kim Carmel
13.Why Does Love Got To Be So Sadby Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton
14.Tell The Truthby Bobby Whitlock & Eric Clapton

Bobby WhitlockVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Kim CarmelLead Vocals on TRACK 4, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals

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