On The Rainbow Road

Bill Brandon -On The Rainbow Road-

Artist : Bill Brandon

Title : On The Rainbow Road

Sub-Title : Muscle Shoals & Birmingham Sessions

Label : Soulacape Records

Record No./Release : SSCD-7001/2007

1.Self Preservation (South Camp 45-7006) 1967by Willie Butler
2.Full Grown Lovin' Man (South Camp 45-7006) 1967by William Jenkins & Howard Evans
3.Rainbow Road+ (Tower 430) 1968by Dan Penn & Donnie Fritts
4.(You've Got That) Something Wonderful (Tower 430) 1968 by Marlin Greene, Quin Ivy & William Jenkins
5.Strangest Feeling (Quinvy 7007) 1970by Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
6.Since I Fell For You (Quinvy 7007) 1970by Buddy Johnson
7.Little By Little (Previously unisssued) by William Jenkins & Howard Evans
8.All I Need Is You (Previously unisssued) by William Jenkins & Howard Evans
9.When You Get What You Want (Previously unisssued) by William Jenkins & Howard Evans
10.Stop This Merry-Go-Round (Moonsong 9001) 1972by Clinto Moon, Sam Dees & Al Gardner
11.I'm a Believer Now (Moonsong 9001) 1972by Sam Dees
12.Johnnie Mae Wright (Moonsong 9003) 1972by Sam Dees
13.Whatever I Am, I'm Yours (Moonsong 9003) 1972by Sam Dees
14.I Am Free Of Your Love (Moonsong 9004) 1972by Cleveland Yelder & Sam Dees
15.(Take Another Little) Piece Of My Heart (Moonsong 9004) 1972by Bert Berns & Jerry Ragavoy
16.It's All Wrong, It's All Right (Moonsong 9005) 1973by Eddie Hinton & Marlin Greene
17.Doing Right Don't Wrong Nobody (Moonsong 9005) 1973by Sam Dees & Jesse J. Lewis
18.Let's Make Our New Love Something Special (Moonsong MS-001) 1973 by Sam Dees
19.Let Me Be Your Full Time Groover (Moonsong MS-001) 1973by Sam Dees & Jesse J. Lewis
20.The Streets Got My Lady (Piedmont P078) 1976by Bevery Turner & Moses Dillard
21.Tag, Tag (Piedmont P078) 1976by Sam Dees
22.Good Guys Don't Always Win (Kent CDKEND 163) 1998by Sam Dees
23.Let's Get It Back Together Again (Kent CDKEND 183) 2000by Sam Dees & Clinto Moon
24.I'll Be Your Puppet (Previously unisssued) by Sam Dees & Frederick Knight

Bill BrandonVocals

+Rainbow Road : different version from Single.
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