A Shot Of Rhythm And Soul

Arthur Alexander -A Shot Of Rhythm And Soul -

Artist : Arthur Alexander

Title : A Shot Of Rhythm And Soul

Label : Ace Records

Record No. : CH 66

Release : 1982

Credit : *as June Alexander (=Arthur Alexander) super rare 45

1982ORIGINAL U.K. LPAce RecordsCH 66

A1.Anna (Dot 45-16387) ©1962by Arthur Alexander
A2.*Sally Sue Brown
(Judo 1020) ©1960
by Arthur Alexander, Tom Stafford & Earl Montgomery
A3.You're The Reason (Dot 45-16425) ©1962by Bobby Edwards, Mildred Imes, Terry Fell & Fred Henley
A4.Dream Girl (Dot 45-16454) ©1963by Jerry & Jan Crutchfield
A5.Go Home Girl (Dot 45-16425) ©1962by Arthur Alexander
A6.A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues
(Dot 45-16309) ©1962
by Terry Thompson
A7.Pretty Girls Everywhere
(Dot 45-16509) ©1963
by Eugene Church & Thomas Williams
A8.I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
(Dot 45-16454) ©1963
by Johnny Bond
B1.You Better Move On
(Dot 45-16309) ©1962
by Arthur Alexander
B2.*The Girl That Radiates That Charm
(Judo 1020) ©1960
by Ron & Jimmy Isle
B3.Black Night (Dot 45-16616) ©1964by Jesse M. Robinson
B4.Soldiers Of Love (Dot 45-16357) ©1962by Buzz Cason & Tony Moon
B5.I Hang My Head And Cry
(Dot 45-16387) ©1962
by Gene Autry, Fred Rose & Ray Whitley
B6.Where Have You Been
(Dot 45-16357) ©1962
by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil
B7.You Don't Care (Dot 45-16737) ©1965by Jerry Willis & Herb Ryals
B8.Old John Amos (Dot 45-16616) ©1964by Arthur Alexander

Arthur AlexanderVocals

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